How to detect tumours and mutations in the oral cavity?

The oral cavity is checked during each control. In case of any kind of tumour, prevention is the most important. Most types of oral tumours can be detected with a simple physical examination. The development of a tumour is basically related to the overall poor condition of the teeth. Unfortunately most of the people go to doctor only when they feel pain.

There is no need for a specialist to notice a mutation, everyone can observe himself/herself carefully with the help of a mirror. One needs to take a good look at his lips, palate, tongue and the area under the tongue.

It is highly recommended to visit a doctor in case of any of the following symptoms:

  • pain in the mouth, throat or ears,
  • mouth ulcer,
  • an unusual white or red discoloration,
  • lump or swelling on the lips, in the oral cavity or in the throat,
  • difficult or painful chewing or swallowing,
  • numbness in the mouth,
  • bleeding
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