What is sinus lift?

Sinus lift

Sinus is located in the maxilla, above the small and big molars’ region. If a patient loses his/her molars, there are only teeth abutments left; and the more time passes after the extraction of a tooth, the thinner the bone amount becomes under the basis of the sinus. Sinus lift method was evolved to thicken this bone plate; by now it has become a routine surgery intervention.

In most of the cases the intervention is executed before dental implantation, if the own bone amount is not sufficient.

The process of the operation

The intervention is executed with local anaesthesia. Fenestration is made on outer side of the cheekbone then it is lifted in towards the sinus; as a result, it pushes the mucosa ahead of itself. The bone refilling material needs to be placed between the mucosa and the basis of the sinus, thus the height of the bone increases towards the oral cavity. The bone regeneration takes 6-8 months.

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