What mandibular joint injuries and disorders are there?

Mandibular joint (temporomandibular joint) has basically two parts: mandible caput and glenoid fossa which is located on the cranial base. There is a temporomandibular disk between these two bone surfaces; and the caput quasi lapses on this mandibular ribbon. The joint is held by special ribbons from the outside. The movement of the joint is not just a simple turn but a forward and backward slip combined with a mandibular joint rotation.

Developmental disorders:

  • Ankylosis (bone adhesion between joint surfaces)
  • Pseudoankylosis (soft tissue adhesion between joint surfaces)
  • Trismus, i.e. lockjaw (spasmodic traction of the jaw muscle; mostly it is the result of a wisdom tooth inflammation)

Mandibular dislocation

Mandibular fracture

Teeth grinding at night (bruxism)

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