About Guarantee & Assurance

Our dental office undertakes to give two years of guarantee on all the rehabilitation devices, such as aesthetic fillings, inlays and onlays, crowns, bridges, partial or complete dental prosthesis

In case of dental implantations, we give ten years of guarantee on the body and head of the implant. The guarantee period of crowns, that are placed on implants, is two years.

In case of the dental office is demonstrably responsible for an emerging problem, we undertake to cover all the costs of the necessary dental and stomatology reconstruction.

Limitation of the guarantee:

  • our dental office does not take any guarantee on the patient’s own teeth and on the tissues that hold the implants, such as the bone and gingival tissues surrounding the teeth and implants
  • root canal treatment or tooth extraction is not a subject of guarantee in case of a tooth inflammation under a newly made aesthetic filling, inlay or onlay
  • guarantee is not included in case of a jawbone atrophy that results in the instability of the prosthetics
  • guarantee is excluded in case of an inflamed periodontium surrounding any of the crowns, bridges or implants that results in losing them
  • our dental office does not take guarantee on damages due to extraordinary usage (i.e. scrunch) or an accident
  • we do not take guarantee on any dental and oral diseases or any allergies that developed only after the dental treatment
  • patient loses the guarantee if ,in case of any problems, he or she visits another dental office for a restoring treatment
  • restoration treatment is not included in the guarantee if the treatment was executed in a different dentistry
  • in case of a restoration treatment, our dentistry does not cover any travel or accommodation costs of the patient

Guarantee conditions:

  • the patient visits our dental office for regular check-ups
  • preserves a proper oral hygiene
  • follows the instructions of the doctor, regarding the proper care of teeth and prosthetics
  • properly uses the prosthetics
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