When is wisdom tooth extraction necessary?

Wisdom tooth often needs to be extracted, even for patients with absolutely healthy teeth. In most of the cases it is because of a tooth stuck in the jaw bone while coming out and it stays in the wrong position.

The most common complaints related to misaligned wisdom tooth are the following:

  • feeling of painful tension at the area of temporomandibular joint
  • limited ability of opening the mouth
  • gingival pocket and its inflammation due to a misaligned tooth
  • front teeth crowding
  • dental caries in the teeth in front of a wisdom tooth

Before tooth extraction a thorough condition survey is made that is based on taking a panoramic X-ray. In case of a severely inflamed tooth an antibiotic treatment is necessary before the intervention as the surroundings of the inflamed tooth is hard to anaesthetize. After a proper preparation process, a surgical extraction can be carried out.

The advices after wisdom tooth extraction are the same as in the cases of other extractions.

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