Dazzling white teeth – only in adverts or can it be real?

The whiteness of our teeth is basically a matter of affinity. If we take care of the health of our teeth it is possible to avoid the discolouration due to deterioration, however, we can do even more for the whiteness of our teeth.

Tobacco smoke, coffee, tea, all intense colour food and also red wine or red paprika strongly yellow healthy teeth. Old tooth fillings may also cause discolouration or greyish shade, and teeth after root canal treatment will not remain as white as they used to be before.

Effective teeth whitening can be achieved at home or at dentistries. The simplest way is the use of whitening toothpaste that can be done at home. Although not all of them redeem hope, apparently some are quite effective.

If toothpastes don’t help, following the advices of a dentist at home or having a bleaching treatment at the dental office may also be a solution for whitening. There is no hopeless case indeed!

During the process of dental bleaching the doctor first determines the type and cause of the discolouration. Damaged and diseased teeth need to be treated first, bleaching will be effective only afterwards.

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