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Patients usually arrive to the dentist feeling stressed, waiting anxiously before the treatment. At Europe Dental, we would like our patients to feel at home. That is why our waiting-room looks more like a sitting-room than an unfriendly medical place. Our patients can have a cup of coffee or tea to calm down before treatment. Along with my colleagues we would like to create here a small island separated from the outside world where patients feel that we pay attention to them, that they are important to us, and we always have time for them.

We created a menu called “We Explain It…” on our website so that our patients can have information about the forthcoming dental procedures even before arriving here. They can ask questions before the treatment and I do my best to answer them thoroughly, either by e-mail or here at Europe Dental dentistry.

You may either ask my colleagues on any of our contacts or read about our dental services under the “We Explain It…” menu. Turn to us with confidence, we do our best to answer every question of yours.

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